Best Mixer Grinders in India 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

Are you searching for Best Mixer Grinders In India? We know Mixer Grinders play an important role in any Indian kitchen. Right Or Wrong? Also, the taste of our Indian food originates from lip-smacking chutneys, herbs, hot masalas, and other exceptional fixings and on the off chance that one doesn’t have the correct device or legitimate kitchen machines like Best Mixer Grinders it turns into an extremely troublesome activity. That is the reason we have made a rundown of Best Mixer Grinders In India of 2018.

Due to its performing various tasks attributes a blender processor is a productive and adaptable decision since it facilitates the kitchen dos like beating, blending, or whipping in a significantly less time than some other customary techniques.

The most effective method to Choose the Best Mixer Grinders In India 2018

So purchasing the best Mixer processor in India according to necessity is imperative and before picking one should search for the key highlights and everything in detail. Furthermore, juicer blender processor brings out the best of both of it. Here go the accompanying highlights:

  • Power utilization: any blender processor or juicer with engine control 400 watts to 750 watt needs 220 to 240 volt of intensity supply. Check this before you go for one.
  • Shock confirmation plastic body: this is an imperative component to search for while buying an ideal processor for your kitchen. The client won’t be in further danger of electric stun, voltage variance, and over-burden.
  • The speed of activity: speed of an engine relies upon how quick an engine turns for each moment that is RPM. This RPM extends between 18000 – 20000. It is constantly recommended to work the blender processor at medium speed regardless of whether you got one with a super high RPM engine.
  • Flexi cover: on the off chance that you don’t know of the limits of the container thisflexitop will help to change over the limit of a container. It can change over a 0.5-liter container to 0.2-liter container.
  • Stainless steel container: endeavor to discover a juicer or blender processor which has 100% treated steel rust verification containers.
  • Blades: dependably decide on the one which has multi reason adaptable cutting edges.
  • Service and guarantee: gadgets will undoubtedly wear and tear after a specific time. What’s more, this may occur with best organization items. Henceforth it is shrewd to purchase an item observing its guarantee period and close-by administration focal point of the brand. with this, It will enable you to go bother free.


Top 9 Best Mixer Grinders In India 2018 | Today Updated October 2018


#1. Prestige Elegant 750 Watt – Best Mixer Grinder


This 750-watt blender processor is intended to make each kitchen errand quick and simple. Its super productive cutting edges make cooking less demanding at the tip of your finger. It additionally has one juicer container arrangement for who stick to abstain from food bringing out super sound vegetable juices without ruining its supplement factor.


Key Features:
  • This 750-watt engine has 3-speed levels with a rotational switch.
  • Smooth diagram and extreme handles guarantee simple and open to holding.
  • 3 hardened steel containers with one additional juicer container can be utilized for multipurpose.
  • The item accompanies multi-year guarantee and 5 years of guarantee for engine edges.
  • Its 4 multifunctional edges are made of treated steel and sharp and enough solid.


  • The plastic tops of the container are not comprised of good quality and plastic pieces regularly turn out from the focal point of the container.


#2. Bajaj Rex 500 Watt – Best Mixer Grinder


Bajaj accompanies this most recent outline blender processor which involves less space in the kitchen. This has a rich outline which will best suit for any kitchen compose. The sharp edges of this processor have a multi-utilitarian framework. It makes life simpler and basic and is prepared to fulfill all kitchen needs.


Key Features:
  • Simple hold on handles.
  • Fine and smooth body outlines.
  • Engine over-burden defender.
  • 3-speed control 500watt engine.
  • 3 tempered steel rust confirmation containers.
  • It likewise accompanies a guaranteed time of 1 year.


  • The main issue with it will be, it must be set close to an electrical source since power link is too short.



#3. Lifelong Power Pro 500-Watt – Best Mixer Grinder


This 500 watt tough Mixer processor keeps running on an intense engine and is a strong solid kitchen machine for day by day utilize. A standout amongst other blender Grinder In India, it’s three diverse hardened steel containers which accompany it tends to be utilized for flexible kitchen purposes. It is large an extremely helpful, tough and an effective item for your kitchen.

Best Mixer Grinder


Key Features:
  • This 500-watt blender has 3-speed control engine.
  • The 3 tempered steel containers are for dry and wet pounding.
  • Its Versatile cutting-edge framework is sharp and tough.
  • It has super ventilation framework.
  • It is easy to understand and has simple hold handles.
  • 5 solid and great 500w turbo engine.
  • Deep-rooted power offers 1-year guarantee on the fundamental unit of the item.


  • A Very loud unit.

#4. Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond 750 Watt – Best Mixer Grinder 2018


This brand gives an unparalleled quality and has the best blender processors in India. The tops of the blender processor are produced using polycarbonate material. The steel containers are rust confirmation and vaults and tops are weak. This solid processor has a 750-watt engine and spares your cash on power bills. This item from Preethi has multi alteration flexi cover.


Key Features:
  • Its body is comprised of tempered steel and its auto cut off component shields the client from material over-burden and vacillations in voltage.
  • This ergonomically composed processor accompanies 3-speed control with a revolving switch.
  • It gives additional wellbeing with its 3 centers PVC protected power rope.
  • The intriguing thing about Preethi blender processor is that it accompanies 2 years of engine
  • This blender processor is reasonable for any wet, dry and blended granulating.
  • It accompanies a guarantee and lifetime ensure.


  • The link is minimal short and should be put close to the electrical power source.


#5. Philips HL 7720 750-Watt with 3 Jars – Muti Color Mixer processor


As you most likely are aware processors are a center adornment and no kitchen is finished without an ideal blender. What’s more, Phillips accompanies an uncommonly composed Mixer for faultless execution in your kitchen. This multipurpose flexible blender processor cooks all your most loved dishes in the most ideal way. Beginning from coconut chutney to haldi or turmeric glue all is conceivable effectively. This inventive plan by Phillips likewise avoids engine harm when utilized for a longer time. Such a lot of intriguing highlights of Phillips blender processor comes at an appealing cost.


Key Features:
  • Tempered steel body.
  • It has a Convenient grasp on handles.
  • If there should be an occurrence of awkwardness voltage the processor close off naturally.
  • It has got 3 Lock speed controller which helps to maintain a strategic distance from over-burden.
  • It likewise has 3 particular containers for wet granulating, dry crushing and blended pounding.
  • It has Advanced ventilation framework and open coupling.
  • It likewise accompanies a multi-year of guarantee.


  • There is little issue with the nature of the containers.
  • The PVC coupler falls off after delayed use.


#6. Eveready Glowy 500 Watt – Mixer Grinder


Eveready glowy 500-watt blender with tough sharp edges engines enables you to finish all your unremarkable kitchen works like mixing, blending and liquidizing effortlessly. This carefully planned best blender processor India will spare you a ton of kitchen space. The sharp edges fitted in the container are of premium quality and is versatile to give the best outcomes.


Key Features:
  • Engine over-burden assurance.
  • It has airtight container covers which keep from spilling.
  • The 3 multifunctional containers with strong antitrust hardened steel edges finish your work proficiently.
  • Eveready allows a multi-year of guarantee on the item from date of procurement.
  • Simple to clean with depleting cut if there should be an occurrence of any spillage.


  • The material of steel container could have been minimal better.


#7. Preethi MG 218 750 Watt – Mixer Grinder


Preethi kitchen apparatus Ltd fabricates and offers items crosswise over India and different countries abroad. Preethi zodiac has superb 5 Vega engine. Its 3 out of 1 juicer container helps in extraction of juices of vegetables and organic product effectively. It additionally has an ace boss, in addition, to jostle which helps in working mixture and hacking veggies in additional time. Preethi’s MG 218 750 watt Mixer processor has a stunning rate checking handles. Its smooth layout and relieving shading speak to fine craftsmanship which guarantees to expand style in your kitchen.


Key Features:
  • It has 750-watt superior W5 vega engine.
  • Its wellbeing controller turns red when over-burden.
  • Its working voltage is between 220 – 240 volt.
  • Preethi gives 2 years of guarantee on the blender processor and 5 years of guarantee on the engine.
  • It’s an ideal cooking accomplice offering class to your kitchen.


  • The best bit of the juicer authority doesn’t have an opening.
  • The pocket squeeze of this item is minimal high when contrasted with others.


#8. Hyundai HMB50W3S DBF – Mixer Grinder


Hyundai brings a selective bit of Mixer, with fine extreme and savvy sensor innovation. Presently cooking can be part more fun and fascinating when you have great kitchen machines in your kitchen. Its vacuum feet and intense engine are intended to facilitate your cooking techniques. Its intense engine fills a diverse crushing need. Its white shade gives a brilliant look.


Key Features:
  • Savvy sensor innovation.
  • 500-watt strong engine.
  • 3 steel containers with various crushing reason.
  • Adjusted and dependable vacuum foot.
  • Level holding covers.
  • One year of guarantee on the item since the date of assembling.


  • Somewhat noisier than different brands accessible in the market.


#9. Maharaja Whiteline Ultimate Red Treasure 550 Watt – Juicer Mixer Grinder


This 500-watt juicer processor is the ideal one for your kitchen this mid-year. India most confided in the brand is back with the new energizing scope of items since 1976. This juicer processor has rich cherry-like shading. The juicer processor’s substantial engine guarantees super magnificent pummeling and squeeze extraction. Likewise, it’s stun evidence ABS body and over-burden caution makes it one of a kind from others.


Key Features:
  • It has got an Overload avoidance instrument.
  • It has 3 hardened steel rust verification container.
  • Powerful 500-watt engine helps the kitchen dos productively.
  • It has a Shockproof body.
  • Maharaja extreme accompanies a guaranteed time of 1 year since the date of assembling.


  • Just 2.5 rating and normal surveys in web-based shopping sights. It’s a normal rating item in regards to its quality and toughness.



Last Words

Before purchasing the best blender processor in India for your kitchen experience this brands since they are constantly accessible on the web-based shopping locales. Furthermore, seeing the above brands of blender processor or juicer, pick your item productively and carefully with the goal that you get what you want for.

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