Cooking Clash: Air Fryer vs. Instant Pot Showdown

Are you having a tough time deciding between an air fryer and an instant pot? There was a time when air fryers and instant pots were unknown, but now they’re a kitchen staple found in almost every home.

Air Fryer vs Instant Pot

If you also want to purchase a kitchen appliance and are confused between an air fryer and an instant pot, then we have mentioned the merits and demerits of each device below. You can review the details and decide which suits you better.

What Is the Biggest Difference Between an Air Fryer and an Instant Pot?

The biggest difference you will notice is how both devices prepare your food. When you use an air fryer, your food is prepared with the help of hot air. Your food will be prepared with little to no oil. But if you deep-fry or air-fry your food, you will see a big difference in flavors.

Your instant pot will use pressure and heat to prepare your food. Your instant pot will use the pressure built up by the heating of liquids in the pot. So, when you want to prepare moist food, an instant pot will give you better results.

Air Fryer vs Instant Pot

Based on Convenience

Air fryer use

An air fryer is more convenient and simpler to use. You only get a few features in the air fryer, so the chances of confusion decrease. Your air fryer will heat much faster than an instant pot.

When you use an instant pot, it is going to be more of a prediction game for you. For example, if you decide to cook chicken in your Instant Pot, you will leave it for eight minutes. Then you will check it; if it’s cooked fine, then there is no problem. But if your food is not cooked properly, then you will again have to heat it and create pressure to cook it. If you use an air fryer, you will not face this issue. But this is not the case when you use an air fryer. You can even check your food in between the processes and then switch it off accordingly. You will also get juicier chicken with an air fryer.

Air fryers are straightforward with just a few buttons for temperature and time. Instant Pots, on the other hand, have many functions, making them a bit more confusing and time-consuming to use than air fryers. So, you will find an instant pot to be more complex and difficult to use than an air fryer.

If you prepare an instant pot recipe, it will take more time than you expected because it might not include the pressure-building time. You may even need to wait 20 minutes to get the pressure built up. But you can preheat an air fryer in just five minutes.

Based on Versatility

You can easily find many difficult brands and models for both air fryers and instant pots on the market. But the multi-cooker is more versatile, as you can slow cook, pressure cook, sauté, warm cook, etc.

But you can only do conventional cooking in an air fryer. You can only blow hot air on the food to bake, toast, and many more. However, you are limited to only one feature, with some temperature variations.

You can even buy an air fryer toaster oven if you want to do non-conventional baking. Now, you can even prevent your food’s exterior from getting burned to reach a safe internal temperature.

Based on the Use of Fats and Other Oils

Air fryer cooking

You can cook food with the use of any oil in an air fryer, as it cooks food with the help of hot air. But you can most definitely use oils or butter to prepare your dish. You can prepare mouthwatering cheesecakes in your instant pot. But you can prepare chicken breasts on both devices.

If you want to prepare crispy and delicious food but do not want to use excess oil like deep frying, you should buy an air fryer for yourself. But you will lose a little flavor without the oil. But if you want to prepare one pot of tasty dishes, then you must go for an instant pot.

Based on a Variety of Recipes

You can find many air fryer recipes on the internet very easily. But you can even get many recipes for instant pots as well. You can even turn many standard oven recipes into air fryer recipes.

Based on Safety

Modern pressure cookers do not come with many safety measures for their non-electric forebears. In many air fryer models, you get an air fry basket connected to the drawer. It is supposed to store the extra oil and should not be moved until and unless you remove it. But sometimes, the drawer might get filled with grease and get detached from the drawer.

The only time you might see your air fryer or instant pot catch fire is when you leave it on the stove. While cleaning it, you must be very careful not to turn on the wrong buttons. If you do so within a few seconds, its bottom may melt.

Based on the Cost

Best price air fryer

You can easily find a good-working and attractive instant pot in the range of $80 to $160. On the other hand, you can purchase a good air fryer for between $50 and $400. But some air fryers are way too costly, so in this matter, the instant pot has an upper edge.


Q. Can I make my stand-up recipes in an instant pot?

You can make your favorite stand-up recipes in an instant pot without any difficulty, but you need to make some minor changes. For example- if you want to prepare soups or stews, then you must add less water than the normal amount in an instant pot. You may not get the perfect food on the very first try, but with time, you will also get comfortable with the device.

Q. Are electric pressure cookers safe to use?

Yes, an electric pressure cooker like an instant pot is extremely safe to use. You will get various inbuilt safety features in your electric pressure cooker. If you are aware and work according to the general safety instructions, you will be safe. But accidents can happen anytime, so you must be careful while using them.

Q. Which is better: an air fryer or a microwave?

If you want to prepare healthy and crisp food, then you must go for an air fryer, as it uses little to no oils. If you want a device to reheat or defrost your food, then you must use a microwave.

Final Words

If already owning a toaster oven, it’s not recommended to purchase an air fryer, as both have almost similar features. But an instant pot will be the perfect pressure cooker for you. And you can even replace your rice cooker with an instant pot. You can even use an instant pot in place of a slow cooker. Additionally, you can buy an instant pot at a much lower price compared to an air fryer.

But if you want to prepare crispy dishes, then an air fryer will give you perfect results.


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