Looking for Best Water Purifier in India – 2019 Buyer’s Guide

Water cleansing is a critical procedure of removing major impurities, natural contaminants and other chemicals from the waters. It removes the significant gases and different solids from water. The fundamental procedure of the refinement is to offer water for particular purposes like drinking, washing, cleaning, and so on. With the great achievement in the field of innovation, there are a few water cleaning frameworks with a lot of features.

This permits you access to the pure water with the presence of minerals and other fundamental vitamins. Water purifiers with various channels permit having pure water for drinking and keeping the body under control from significant medical issues. It also removes the chemicals from the water that gives it an awful taste.

If you are searching for the best water purifiers audits in the market, it is important to consider and pursue the significant standards and prerequisites. There are a lot of companies online and offline that guarantee to have the best water purifiers in India.


Things to search for while purchasing the best water purifiers for home 2018

At present, due to the massive range of the purifiers available in the market, buyers are requested to go with the below ideas to buy the best & effective water purifiers as per your budget and need.

#1. Pick the registered water purifiers:

Because of the incredible demand in the purifiers, most of the companies are looking to manufacture the right water purifiers. Thus the buyer interested in water purifiers must check that its not a false water purifier.

#2. Think about the features of the filter:

Always keep in your mind that you have to compare the filters of the water purification because of the huge range of filters available in the market & major filters are very expensive. Hence the buyers are requested to compare the features online before going to buy.

#3. Know precisely why you require water purifier:

The vast majority of the general population who are hoping to purchase purifiers are for residential water drinking purposes. Thus you should be obvious to buy a right and best purifiers.

#4. Check for the filter:

You are recommended to look at the filter which is designed with the special features so it permits purifying of water in a fine way.

#5. Look at the contamination:

You need to look at the measure of the salt which is gathered in the water purifiers and if it is over 80% then you are suggested to purchase such product. Because it will surely help to remove the chemical and other impurities from the water.

#6. Drink the RO water:

In case of your home surrounded by the hard waters, you are suggested to buy Ro water purifiers & it can filter water and remove the major impurities to make the water drinkable.


Advantages of best water purifiers in India

  • India is filled with various water resources in different areas so you have to choose the correct water purifier which gives a guarantee to remove all pollutions and help in drinking pure water.
  • It utilizes latest technologies to clean the waters such the UF, UV etc.
  • It is built with the new technology which can show the impurities. Thus it takes a stable level of all minerals to stay in the body and keep us safe from all problems.
  • Most of the items have highlights like auto begin and stop which make comfortable for the consumers to utilize this item in the home as well as in any business area.


Top 10 Best water purifiers India:

The following are the main 10 best water purifiers in India


#1. LivpureGlo 7-L RO+UV+Mineralizer – Water Purifier:

It has a large storage tank with a limit of 7 liters & it is outlined with the number of updated features. This gadget can function admirably even there is no water or power and it is helped with the refreshed filtration support to convey the pure water without fail. It is composed of the various and rich outline which meets the whole customers needs to make use in the home. It worked with the six advance purification system that removes impurities from the water.


  • 7 liter storage capacity
  • White color
  • RO+UV technology
  • 7.9 kg weight
  • Wall mount installation
  • Requires less power
  • Easy to Install
  • 320x360x565 (WxDXH)


  • Need high electric source


#2. HUL Pureit Advanced RO+UV 5-Liter – Water Purifier

It is one of the new model water purifiers which is safe to boil the water and remove all impurities in a fine way. It covers the one-year guarantee as well. Thus this is very popular in the current market.


  • It contains triple safety assurance RO+ UVM+ROPL
  • Have 5-liter storage capacity
  • The purifier gives 100% of RO drinking water
  • One year warranty on products
  • Get advanced voltage function guard
  • Easy to install
  • It gives 90% of TDs reduction


  • Need high electric source all the time
  • It has a high maintenance cost


#3. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Crystal Plus UV – Water Purifier (White)

The item gives tasty water and convenient to access. This model purifier removes risky contaminants, for example, pesticides and leads. It comes with the extraordinary plans which assist you with buying at a reasonable cost. It delivers high frequency to identify microscopic organisms, protozoa, and infection from the water.


  • Get 2 liters of water flow rate
  • This model purifier offers electronic monitoring system
  • Wall mounting installation type
  • Have mineral guard and purity sensor
  • Avail with smart indicators, auto shut off and smart indications
  • Contains purifying capacity of two liters
  • Highly automatic


  • Not suitable for borewell or groundwater


#4. Kent Grand 8-Liter Wall Mountable RO+UV+UF+TDS – Water Purifier (White)

It is one of the biggest water purifiers in the market and it is out with the sleek and compact design. This water purifier can purify from raw inlet water to 100% and drinkable water. It is quite simple and very easy to use.


  • RO+UV+ UF with the support of the TDS controller
  • 8 liter
  • Certified by the WQA, NSF
  • Purify Inlet Water from impurities
  • Consumes less electricity
  • Built with the ABS food plastic
  • Easy to Install


  • Need high electric source


#5. Blue Star Majesto MA4BSAM02 8-Liter RO + UV – Water Purifier (Black/Silver)

Blue star Majesto water purifier gives high quality of water compared to different companies. You will get free installation with one year guarantee for purchasing this purifier.  It will look stylish if installed in your kitchen.


  • RO+UV technology used
  • Offer Up to 30 liters per hour
  • Storage tank created with ABS material
  • 2°C to 38°C of inlet water temperature
  • Install purifier easily
  • Lock button on tap of the device


  • Digital display is not available
  • It has no alert of filter change


#6. Tata Swach Non-Electric Silver Boost 27-Liter Gravity Based – Water Purifier (Aqua Blue)

The Tata swatch is the best water purifier nowadays. By picking this item you can get a five percent discount from the online sites. It additionally accompanies 6 months guarantee and its based on latest technology.


  • No electricity, chlorine, harmful chemicals
  • Remove impurities and offer safety water
  • 27 liters capacity
  • It has weight of 3.79 kg
  • Silver nanotechnology is used
  • Remove bacteria, virus, and cysts from every pot of water
  • Auto shut off available for safety purposes
  • Get six-month warranty


  • It is not suitable for high TDS water


#7. Protek Elite Plus 12 L RO+UV+Uf & Tds Technology and L.E.D Indication – Water Purifier

It is one of the basic and effective products that remove the water impurities. Its popular in the market due to its stylish look. It has lots of features that are built with the latest technologies like filters, its design and other specifications.


  • 12 litres of water storage
  • Inbuilt TDS controlling Technology
  • Free Pre-Filter
  • Quality Filtering Carbon Material
  • 1 year warranty on electronic component
  • TDS level is highly simple
  • High Rejection RO membrane
  • Tasty water


  • Cant get proper reply from technicians
  • Cheaper plastic


#8. TataSwach Viva Silver UV+UF Wall Mounted 6-Litre – Water Purifier (Blue/White)

To purchase this model purifier you may get a special discount from the online store. The free installation will be given to the buyer by the manufacturer. It empowers the immunity level  by providing highly purified water.


  • Viva silver UV + UF model
  • Get one year warranty
  • 6 liters of capacity
  • Consumes very low electricity
  • Low price to buy
  • Slow filtering available


  • It has no limited capacity
  • Water leakage problem


#9. Kinsco Aqua Laser 15 L Ro+UV+Uf+Tds Adjuster – Water Purifier with Prefilter (White)

This water purifier comes up with the new technology which provides great features in removing water impurities. It is very cost-effective which gives the immense and powerful look in the home. This purifier will provide chemical free and pure water for a long time in your home.



  • RO+UV+UF model
  • 7 L capacity
  • ABS food grade plastic
  • Take less time to install
  • Wall Mounted installation
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • Expensive to Replace Filters



These purifiers give great discount offers to the buyers. You can see the important information about the water purifiers from the above mentioned details. Always keep in mind to look out for the best water purifier reviews, before finalizing one.

If you are you searching to buy water purifier at your limited budget then you can choose any one of the above given model in your convenient budget because all of them are among the best water purifiers in India. So, go through these details of the products before going to purchase purifier from online or offline.

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