From Crunch to Toast: A Deep Dive into Air Fryer vs. Toaster Oven

Are you also torn between the debate of air fryer vs toaster oven and cannot decide which device you should go for? Both appliances are worth your money and help you prepare tasty dishes, but are you still confused about which device will be a better pick for you?

Air Fryer vs Toaster Oven

So, we have compared the air fryer and toaster oven on several bases. This will help you select your pick.

We have explained the various functions, merits, and demerits of each appliance. Now, by reading it, you can select what suits you best according to your needs. 

Through this article, we will help you decide whether an air fryer or a toaster oven will help you better prepare delicious dishes for your family.

Basic Definitions

An air fryer is a compact kitchen appliance that helps you prepare food with little to no oil. You get the convection technology that enables you to cook food much faster and more efficiently. Your food will be prepared with the help of the hot air circulating inside it. You get a crispy exterior with retained moisture for your dish.

On the other hand, when you use a toaster oven, you get multiple cooking functions from this large device. You can bake, roast, broil, reheat, and much more with this appliance. You also get many temperature settings along with customizable timer settings to give you a better cooking experience. 

Price Comparison

If you want to buy an air fryer, its price varies from $50 to $200. But if you want to go for a toaster oven, you can get it at a much lower price. You can get it by spending between $30 and $150. You can get a toaster oven at a low price if it does not offer so many features. So, the amount you spend on a toaster oven depends directly on its features and size.

However, if you want the features of both an air fryer and a toaster oven, you can go for the air fryer toaster oven. You will get the combined features of both appliances in one device to make the work more efficient. You can easily get an air fryer toaster oven for around $100 to $300.

Maintaining either appliance is relatively hassle-free, especially when compared to a toaster oven. To achieve optimal results with these devices, ensure a stable electricity supply and a high-voltage electric board. Over time, you will notice that an air fryer uses much less electricity as compared to a toaster oven. So, it will be cost-effective for you in the long run. If you are energy-conscious, this is the one for you.

Air Fryer vs Toaster Oven

Advantages of Air Fryers

Air Fryer

You can cook the food more safely in an air fryer than in a traditional oven. Your required cooking time will also decrease with an air fryer because of its amazing features and small size. You will be protected from the burns caused by leaving your food unattended for long periods. You will find its workings and operations extremely simple. So, anyone can easily cook food, which is perfect for someone who has very little time to devote to cooking.

You will not even have to preheat it, so it will further reduce the time spent waiting until an appliance preheats. So, if you want to have your food prepared within no time, this will be the perfect pick for you.

You get several versatile cooking functions available in an air fryer, such as baking or roasting products like potatoes, vegetables, etc. Now, you do not need to stand near the stove for a long time or preheat an oven to cook your food.

Disadvantages of an Air Fryer

Cooking in Air Fryer

With its sleek design, the air fryer takes up minimal counter space, but you will have limited capacity as well. Sometimes, when you have to prepare food for a large number of people, you might have to prepare it in different batches, which can be time-consuming. Sometimes, you may not be able to fit some whole items in the cylindrical and basket air fryers. You cannot cook a dish that has a wet batter in an air fryer.

Advantages of a Toaster Oven


You will need less energy to cook anything in your toaster oven. So, it is more convenient for you to use it when a small amount of food is to be prepared in no time or very little time. You get some other features as well, such as conventional baking, roasting, and many more. You will have better control over the cooking process, which will result in a more delicious dish.

Reheating food becomes effortlessly simple with the use of a toaster oven. Baking cookies or muffins is also a breeze, with the added convenience of a timing setting that eliminates the need for constant monitoring during the cooking process. If you are also unable to cook small dishes effectively, then this is the perfect choice for you. 

Disadvantages of a Toaster Oven

Toaster Oven

A toaster oven comes with large footprints, so you cannot accommodate it in a small space. If you have very little space, then you must go for an air fryer. You can cook, bake, broil, roast, etc., in a toaster oven, but not as efficiently as you will be able to do so in an air fryer. You do not get a frying option in a toaster oven. If you want to fry food items, then an air fryer is the one for you.

Practical Outlook

If you have less space and cannot fit a large kitchen appliance on the countertop but still want to enjoy various cooking features, then you can purchase an air fryer. But if you have a large counter space, then purchasing a large device with more cooking settings is a much better option. Your time might also be saved from meal preparations. 

You must always consider how regularly you are going to use the device. You must also keep a check on your energy needs. If you want low-energy consumable devices, an air fryer or a toaster oven can meet your needs. This will be more financially beneficial for you in the long run. You will find a toaster oven consumes a lot less energy than a conventional oven.

You can even try the other options available for you, such as griddles, electric roasters, etc. It would help if you cleaned both devices thoroughly after some time. You will have to clean an air fryer after one or two uses, and you can wipe a toaster oven after a few uses or every few months, which completely depends on the number of times it is being used.

Final Words

When we talk about an air fryer vs. a toaster oven, both appliances give optimum results.

You can prepare food without any difficulty with a quick and easy process by using an air fryer. Your oil requirements will also decrease as the air fryer uses hot air to prepare food and not. But on the other hand, if you use a Toaster Oven, you can easily prepare a dish without any difficulty in no time. If you want to prepare food in large portions, then a toaster oven is very beneficial.

If you have a considerable budget, try an air fryer toaster oven. You get an easy-to-use device along with several cooking features that make it extremely easy to cook food without cutting it. Before purchasing any device, you must do thorough research on it based on convenience, benefits, features, and many more. This will help you get the perfect kitchen appliances for yourself.


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