Why is my Air Fryer Smoking?

Air Fryer

Experiencing smoke emissions from your air fryer is not normal and can be alarming. It is a sign that something is burning within the appliance and requires immediate action. Regular cleaning and using the air fryer mainly for preparing snacks helps to minimize the chance of smoke emissions.

You can experience the emission of smoke from your air fryers due to several reasons, like food buildup, excess grease, improper cleaning, too much processed food, and many more. But if you see abnormal smoke emissions from your air fryer, immediately remove its plug from the electric connection and inspect the device.

Common Causes of Smoke Emission in Your Air Fryer

1. The buildup of grease

If you add too much grease to your air fryer, it might start producing smoke. If you prepare meat, then it can leave a lot of grease in your air fryer.

When you process the meat in your air fryer, it splatters and circulates in the heating element. So, it will start burning and produce a large quantity of smoke.

You can be aware of the situation if you are familiar with the effects of preparing bacon in your air fryer.
You should also be careful while preparing sausages, patties, etc., which can also lead to a huge emission of smoke as these foods are prepared at a high temperature.

2. Burning of food

If your air fryer is not emitting smoke because of the grease, the other most prominent reason is food burning. When you prepare breaded or battered food, there is a high chance that during the circulation of food, some parts of your food can get overheated and may burn. This can also lead to the emission of smoke from your air fryer.

When the crunches come into contact with the heating element, they lead to the production of smoke in your device. Sometimes, it is even possible that your food is reaching so high that it is touching the top of the burner.

3. A lot of sauce

When you use sauce that generally has a large quantity of sugar, it can create big problems for you. The biggest example of this for you will be the barbecue sauce. Adding these sauces too early can drop to the bottom, leading to device issues. It might get burned and produce smoke.

So, you must always be careful while adding sauce to your food. You must add it only after your food is partially cooked.

4. The quantity is too much

Sometimes, your air fryer might start smoking because it is overfilled, and there is no space left for anything in the basket. If you fill your basket to the top, no space will be left for hot air.

So, your food might not be cooked properly from one side, and it can get burned from the other side. So, you should not let your baskets get overcrowded, which will further lead to the smoking of your air fryer.
If you have a high-powered air fryer that heats very high, you should reduce the temperature to avoid burning your food.

You can reduce the temperature and cook your food for a longer time.

5. Improper ventilation

Your air fryer should also be able to breathe freely, so you must place it in a properly ventilated area. You must always avoid stuffing the air fryer in a very congested place. A properly ventilated kitchen is very important for the proper functioning of your air fryer.

Steps to stop smoking in our air fryer?

Step 1: Switch it off

If you are facing an extreme emission of smoke from your air fryer, you should begin by switching it off to avoid any flow of electric current to your device. You must always pay major attention to your safety.

Step 2: Proper ventilation of the kitchen

Kitchen Ventilation

You should always place it in a room with proper windows and doors. You can even turn on the vent hood. If nothing is working, then you have to reset your smoke alarm settings.

Step 3: Removal of excess grease

Spreading grease can have serious effects on your air fryer. Place a slice of bread or two at the bottom of the drawer. This bread will soak up the extra grease from the base. This will help you solve your problem easily.

Step 4: Place food correctly

Air Fryer Food

You must always put your food properly in the air fryer. You should ensure that the food never touches or comes into direct contact with the heating element. If this happens, you must remove it immediately to avoid burning food.

Is it normal for your air fryer to smoke?

The emission of a small amount of smoke is okay and considerable. But if the quantity increases considerably, you should look into the matter. When you prepare greasy food, the grease can accumulate at the bottom, get heated up, and produce white smoke. It is common for grease to get splattered in the air fryer, leading to its circulation on the heating element. This can produce fumes in your air fryer.

If you place something to cook in your air fryer and forget about it, the food gets overheated. Then, your food will burn, and a white haze will be released from the air fryer. So, you must check the cooking time properly and select the correct temperature for your food.

You can see a lot of smoke produced by your air fryer if some food particles are stuck or left over in some areas. This can produce a foul smell and increase the smoke. It will worsen the situation if it contains leftover grease, oils, crumbs, etc.

So, you need to clean your air fryer to solve your problem of extra smoke.

How do I stop the smoke alarm in the air fryer?

If your air fryer is continuously emitting smoke, the simplest step that you can take is to clean the device. Sometimes, the alarm may be due to the leftover food, so that the alarm will go off after a good cleaning.
When you prepare greasy and fatty foods, the alarm might start ringing, so you need to clean up the extra grease to prevent the alarm from going off. If there is extra grease and your food gets burned, you can have problems.

Some alarms are very sensitive, and you can easily get them off with simple things like good cleaning, proper ventilation, etc.

Final Words

It is common for an air fryer to emit smoke, especially when used for the first time. However, if the smoke is excessive or continues to occur, it could be a sign of an underlying issue. Use the correct temperature and cooking time for the prepared food to prevent smoking.

Additionally, avoid overcrowding the air fryer with too much food, which can cause smoke to develop. Regular cleaning of the air fryer is also important to prevent the build-up of grease and other debris, which can cause smoke and unpleasant odors.

We hope these tips will help prevent smoking in your air fryer, and you will enjoy many successful air-frying experiences


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