7 Reasons for Ninja Blender Blinking Red and How to Fix Them?

Ninja Blender Blinking Red

If you ever find yourself confused when your Ninja blender abruptly stops working or starts flashing a red light, don’t worry! We can help you troubleshoot the issue and find a solution. In this article, we will discuss the possible causes of this problem and provide step-by-step instructions to resolve it. Before you know it, your blender will be up and running again at full speed.

What does Blinking Red Mean on a Ninja Blender?

When the red power light on our Ninja blender blinks, it means that the pitcher is not properly connected to the motor base. To fix this, you should first check if the blender is plugged in properly and if the speed settings are accurate. If the speed is too high or too low, make the necessary changes. It is important to check the connections to the electric board to ensure everything is in order.

However, if the red light keeps blinking even after you’ve checked everything, it could indicate a more serious issue with the blender’s components, like the blades or motor. To avoid this situation, you should always ensure that the pitcher is properly connected to the motor and the lids are clipped correctly.

In case of any basic issues, you can easily fix them by plugging in or unplugging the blender’s wire.

7 Reasons for a Ninja Blender Blinking Red

If our Ninja blender stops working midway, it can be due to issues with the electronic control. There are many reasons why our Ninja blender is blinking red. However, this can be very frustrating if you are in a hurry and want to prepare a quick and easy smoothie. These issues can be resolved with ease as well.

1. Incorrectly lined up arrows

For your Ninja blender to work correctly without any issues, you need to ensure that the arrows on the base and the pitcher are properly aligned. If this alignment is not done correctly, your Ninja blender will not start functioning. To resolve this problem, you must align the arrows correctly and pay close attention to make sure they are pointed in the same direction. Once this is done, if you attempt to power on the blender, it will begin working.

2. Speed settings

Your Ninja blender may start blinking red if the speed controls you’ve set are not correct. You should always check the speed controls to ensure that you’ve set the correct speed.

3. Improper attachment of the pitcher to the base

If the pitcher is not connected to the base correctly, the blender will start blinking red. You need to ensure that it is connected properly to the base so that the blender stops blinking red.

4. The blender is overheated

Your blender might blink a red light due to overheating as well. If you are using it for a prolonged period, it might get overheated and start blinking red. So, you need to switch it off, let it cool down for some time, and then try to reuse it.

5. Improper assembly of the machine

You must check all the blender parts thoroughly before switching it on. You must ensure the pitcher is connected properly to the base and the other parts are clipped correctly so that your blender doesn’t blink red and functions smoothly.

6. The lid is detached

If you do not close the lid properly or it is detached, your Ninja blender will start blinking red to warn you.

7. The need for cleaning

If you have tried to resolve the issue with your blender that the above reasons might have caused and it continues to blink red, it might be due to the food or dust particles in your Ninja blender. When using your Ninja blender, it’s important to thoroughly clean it to prevent leftover food particles or grease from affecting its function. It is a sign that your blender needs a thorough cleaning.

How to Fix the Problem?

You can fix the blinking red of your Ninja blender with no significant problem.

  • Begin by unplugging your Ninja blender from the electrical outlet it’s connected to.
  • Next, inspect the power cord of your blender for any signs of damage or wear. If you notice any damage, always replace it with a new cord for improved safety.
  • Verify that all accessories used with your blender are genuine Ninja Blender components. Using accessories from other manufacturers may lead to issues with the blender’s proper functioning.
  • Finally, reset your blender before turning it back on. You can also reset it by turning off the circuit breaker.

We hope that the issue with our blender will be resolved through the steps mentioned above.

What Should I do If the Issue Continues?

You can even take other steps to stop your Ninja blender from blinking red.

  • The first step is always to check the proper connectivity of the various parts of the blender, like the pitcher, base, etc. You must always close the lid properly. You must also check the wires of the blender for proper connectivity.
  • Now, you need to recheck everything. You should also check the charcoal filtering system and restore it if necessary.
  • Now, you will unplug and plug it again to restart your blender and restrict the power button from blinking red.

Safety Measures

Blender Cord
  • We are all aware that before addressing any issues with any electronic device, you must always cut off the power flow through it. This ensures safety from any electric current.
  • You must always wear eye protectors when handling blender issues, especially when dealing with sharp objects.
  • Lastly, if you do not know what to do, always refrain from guessing and taking actions according to your wishes. You can always consult a professional for assistance.

If you follow these steps, you can quickly resolve it. But if your blender is still blinking red, then you will need the help of an electrician.

Washing and Cleaning

Blender Cleaning

After using your blender a few times, you need to clean it. It is always best to clean it according to the manufacturer’s instructions; this will increase the lifespan, performance, and safety of your Ninja blender.

  • You should clean your Ninja blender properly, including the pitcher, lids, blades, etc., with dish soap and warm water.
  • You need to clean the motor base after every use with the help of a moistened cloth.
  • You should never use any abrasive substances, such as steel wool, to clean it, to avoid any harm to your Ninja blender.

In short, if you maintain proper cleaning procedures, you can easily extend the lifespan of your blender along with its performance.

Final Words

When your Ninja blender blinks red, you may get concerned about it. But there’s no need to worry much; you can easily solve the problem yourself.

The steps mentioned above will help you solve the issues with your Ninja blender quickly and with the utmost ease. However, always be very cautious when using and dealing with an electronic item. So, if you have tried everything mentioned above and are still facing problems, we recommend you consult a professional as soon as possible.


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