Crispy Creations: A Guide to Frozen Spring Rolls in the Air Fryer

Who doesn’t love Spring rolls? These are among the best appetizers and snacks in the world. They need minimum time to make and provide a mouth-watering taste. Spring rolls are often filled with seasonings, meats, or vegetables, offering delicious flavors.

Spring Rolls

But, their health concerns can be of question. Spring rolls are traditionally deep fried, which can be unhealthy to consume regularly. However, it is possible to lower their oil content by opting for a healthier way to make them.

The healthier and more delicious way to enjoy spring rolls is by cooking them in an air fryer after freezing them.

Air fryers are known for their capability to use less oil and, at the same time, deliver crispy dishes. One can use an air fryer to make spring rolls and reduce unhealthy elements.

Why an Air Fryer?

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Traditional deep frying methods need a great deal of oil, which can be unhealthy. However, on the other hand, using an air fryer reduces the use of oil content. Therefore, it is a healthier and more convenient option for cooking snacks.

Air fryers can cook delicious food using significantly less oil. You can still enjoy the crisp and fluff exterior as you would but in a healthier way. Additionally, here are some main reasons to use an air fryer for cooking dishes.

Now that you’ve understood the benefits of using an air fryer, let’s proceed to cooking spring rolls. So, frozen spring rolls in the air fryer are easy as well as convenient. Therefore, let’s discuss how to cook spring rolls in an air fryer.

Steps to Cook Frozen Spring Rolls in an Air Fryer

Step 1: Preheat the Air fryer

To get started with the process, preheat the air fryer. Preheating the air fryer at 360°F (182°C) for a few minutes should be enough. You can read the manual to know the right preheating temperature of your air fryer.

Step 2: Prepare Spring Rolls

For this step, pick the desired number of spring rolls that fit in the basket. Place them accordingly, leaving some space between them.

Step 3: Cooking Time and Temperature

You can set the air fryer to 375°F (190°C) for cooking frozen spring rolls in the air fryer or check for the adequate temperature on the packaging. Then, set the timer for 10-12 minutes at most. Remember to flip them halfway through the process.

Step 4: Track the Cooking Process

Frequently check in between the cooking process to prevent burning or overcooking. The cooking time also varies according to the number of spring rolls and the model of the air fryer. So, do adjust the timer and temperature accordingly.

Step 5: Serve and Enjoy

Take them out carefully once the timer is off and the spring rolls turn crispy brown. Allow them to cool for a minute or two. Afterward, you can enjoy them with your favorite seasoning or sauce and a beverage.

These steps will help you effortlessly cook frozen spring rolls in the air fryer. Nevertheless, you should follow some pointers and tips for cooking frozen spring rolls in the air fryer. Hence, here are some tips to consider when cooking frozen spring rolls.

Tips for Perfectly Cooked Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls in Air Fryer

These below-mentioned tips will surely help you cook delicious and crispy spring rolls seamlessly.

1. Avoid Overcrowding the Air Fryer Basket

If the basket is crowded and there is negligible space between the spring rolls, it can result in uneven cooking. Therefore, try to maintain a space between spring rolls. You can air fry some in another set if needed.

2. Brushing with Oil

Brushing with some oil can enhance the crispiness of spring rolls. The air fryer needs minimal oil, but you can use some oil to elevate the crispness.

3. Experiment with Temperatures and Timings

It is recommended to go with the advised temperature and timings on the label. However, you can experiment with them to ensure the taste you prefer. When doing so, remember to check frequently to prevent overcooking or burning.

Final Words

Cooking frozen spring rolls in the air fryer is a convenient and healthier alternative to deep-frying. In this article, we’ve discussed the proper steps and tips to achieve the best results. You can reach crispy, delicious spring rolls that retain their flavors and textures with just a few simple steps.

You don’t have to wait an eternity to devour these appetizers when cooking frozen spring rolls in air frying. Cook your spring rolls in the air fryer, and you’re all set. You can also experiment with dipping sauces and enjoy these delightful snacks for any occasion!

Master cooking frozen spring rolls in your air fryer to elevate your appetizer game. Happy cooking!


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