Can You Juice a Banana? Methods, Tips, and Creative Ideas

Banana Juice

Have you ever wondered if you could juice a banana like an apple, orange, or fruit? If so, you might be surprised to learn that it’s not possible. While bananas are fruits, they don’t produce much juice when put in a juicer. You’ll only get a small amount of juice that’s barely noticeable. Meanwhile, the juicer will leave behind a lot of pulp that needs to be cleaned up and a wasted banana. Although it’s difficult to extract juice from a banana, there are still some creative ways you can give it a try.

Different Banana Juices

As mentioned above, it is tough to prepare banana juice, but we can still try some new recipes to produce something creative. Let’s go for it!

1. Mix your Bananas Separately

To do this, you will have to follow these two steps: 

Step 1: Prepare your juice like a regular juice recipe in the juicer with all the ingredients you prefer.

Step 2: Now, you need to pour the juice into a blender. After that, cut a banana and put it into the blender. Mix it well to have a tasty drink.

This will make the consistency of the juice a bit thicker compared to regular juices. But the taste will be worth it. There are several banana juice recipes available on the internet. You can try any of those; however, my favorite is the strawberry-banana juices. They have a very delicious taste, and you should try them.

This method is quite similar to the preparation of a banana smoothie. However, the major difference is the amount of fiber content. In the juices mentioned above, the fiber content will be much lower than a banana smoothie.

2. Unconventional Banana Juicing

This method is similar to the first method. The major difference is that in the previous method, we used to prepare the juice first and then add the bananas, but in this method, we will juice the bananas first.

When you juice the banana first, you will get the juice from the banana, and only the mushy pulp will remain. Then, you can juice all the other ingredients normally. Through this, the other ingredients will also get the benefits and taste of the banana.

The leftovers, or the pulp of the other ingredients, will blend with the pulp of the other ingredients. This will also be healthy and tasty.

3. Soft Serve Banana

Finally, I get to share my favorite method: soft serve banana. If you have a masticating juicer and not a centrifugal juicer, the job becomes even easier. In this method, the most important ingredients are frozen bananas. Due to less heat generation by the masticating juicers, the frozen bananas will not defrost soon.

Like any other ingredient, you must juice the frozen bananas in a blender or juicer. The pulp of the frozen fruits is very delicious and healthy. It is just like a soft serve and a banana low-calorie dessert.

This is not a proper juice recipe, but due to its delicious taste, it’s worth trying.

Creative and Challenging Recipes for Making Banana Juice

Creative Banana Juice Recipes

The methods mentioned above are some of the easiest ways to prepare banana juice, but the recipes below are more complex and time-consuming. While both methods result in a banana-flavored liquid, the process may be more involved.

1. The Microwave Method for Juicing a Banana

It is the easiest method out of the difficult ones. You will need frozen bananas for this method, so keep them ready beforehand.

Step 1: Put them in a microwave-friendly bowl container and cover it with a plastic cover. Now, place it in the microwave and leave your frozen bananas in it for some time.

Step 2: Now, transfer the content into another container with the help of a good mesh strainer. After you have done that, let it settle down until nothing is left to drip.

Step 3: Leave it for a few minutes, and then you will notice that the banana juice has been pooled in the container. But let the juice cool down before adding any further ingredients. It will take more time than the casual banana juice recipe. 

2. Boil in a Bag Method

The banana juice is liquefied using the boil-in-a-bag method, extracting the liquid from the banana. The liquid, or water, in the banana, is attached to the starch. This is the main reason it is so tricky to juice a banana. Although bananas also have a natural enzyme known as amylase, this enzyme helps separate water from starch. This is the quality of banana that we are going to use to juice a banana for us.

This method is a relatively lengthy process that requires following a series of steps to obtain the juice. However, if you are keen on making banana juice, this method may be helpful for you. To prepare your juice, you will need to follow the steps outlined below:

You must have 2 kg of bananas to get around 1 liter of juice.

Step 1: Peel the bananas and mash them properly to get a puree.

Step 2: Once you get a puree, you have to cover the puree with a coverable plastic bag. Always remember to remove all the air from the bag before closing it and making it airtight. Then place it in a pot. The pot must be heated to a temperature of 150 Fahrenheit.

Step 3: Now, leave the puree for five hours straight. 

Step 4: Now strain the mixture to get pure banana juice and enjoy it.

This method is a lot more time-consuming and requires a lot of work. But you will always get more banana juice with this method than with the previous one.

Final Words

To put it simply, using a juicer to extract banana juice is not effective. It leaves you with only the pulp and no actual juice. As pulp is not the same as juice, you won’t be able to drink it.

So, some alternative methods are tried to get juice from a banana. However, these methods can be tiresome, hectic, and time-consuming. So, it is preferable to make banana smoothies than banana juices. Several recipes are available to make healthy and delicious smoothies with ingredients like raspberry, papaya, peanut butter, almond milk, etc.

Apart from this, there are various other fruits, like pineapple, orange, etc., to prepare juice. So, I would prefer having bananas as a fruit or a smoothie.

But if you love banana juice, try making homemade juice using the aforementioned juicing methods for a fresh and delightful experience.


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